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Jordan was very shapely but a bit overweight, had olive skin, rich black hair and a rather large nose that went with her other features she got from her Greek parents.

Elizabeth Davidson much preferred the affections of her own gender, and like she had done in college, she had her pick of any discrete young lady so inclined.

Elizabeth preferred a certain type of girl however, young ladies who were a contrast to herself physically. Her tastes were formed back when she was young and had never varied. Davidson had always been attracted to was a girl that her daughter Carly called her BFF all through high school and up until Carly left for college.

Liz realized when he saw her daughter's friend that not only did Carly look like her mother physically, she favored the same types of people she had.

Without a male presence in the house, while it would be stretch to say it became a sorority house, late at night the girls were not as modest as they would have been with Carly's father in the house.

It was not unusual for Liz to see the teens going to and from the bathroom or the kitchen clad in sleepwear like tank-tops, panties and nothing else.

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