Dating an extreme intp

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But like is true for fire, you can cook with it or you can burn your house down. So when an INFJ is hanging on our every word about something we are excited about or after asking us something about whatever they’re trying to master… When INFJ comes up to us and is like “dude, I just learned the shit out of this. The learning and growth I went through when I dated my ex INFJ was one of the best experiences I’ve had.

INTP’s are great at keeping these ideals from blinding the INFJ. You should write a science FICTION novel about that. I remember when we were breaking up we were sitting on a ledge of one of the buildings we worked at on campus.“this is going to be so hard.

If you are like me, wanting to know what is running through his brain,try not to break silence. believe me, it is some crazy random topic from politics to history to sex to anatomy to bringing up a child.

You will realize the depth and the passion with which they talk.

I usually probe for more information, making sure i understand everything. At 6 PM, he says “I will stay for another hour”, which can actually extend to the whole night This is proof that he is comfortable with you.

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I’ve been in one serious relationship with an INFJ and it’s still my favorite relationship I’ve ever had, by a good margin.Me, on that day would have got at least 10 new technological inventions, 5 new book references and the ideas he wants to implement in his life and how to do so in more optimal way.Once we get back home, I update him that I reached safe and wait for him to take his time and then message me.The key with him is, give him space and he will get back you, with as much energy as possible. Edit to note: I consistently mistype as ENTP and as an older INTP(late 30s) ive put in enough work on my development that sometimes it's hard to tell from the outside if im ENTP or INTP.

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