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If you spend a lot of time trying to figure out what he meant by his latest ‘message’, it means you’re not communicating directly and I would also take this as a mega warning signal.

If he only makes contact with you on an ad hoc basis – often when he wants or needs something – and then disappears till his next one line text message or stupid email, danger alert! Baggage Reclaim is a guide to learning to live and love with self-esteem by breaking the patterns that stand in your way.

The list had the likes of fast rising artists like; Fik Fameica, B2C and of course some old guards like Lydia Jazmine and Irene Ntale who have equally done well..

Read More "Last but not least my dear husband, Bebe Cool, Thank you for being there from day one till delivery room which wasn't easy for you, I know you planned to run out at some point but stuck in there till the end. Read More Bebe Cool and Zuena's first born, Alpha will be turning 14 next month, two weeks back, their second last born, Deen, turned 2 and now, they've welcomed their fifth child who they've named Eman following their alphabetical naming pattern...

It wasn't any easier for Joel Isabirye's ex, Rebecca Jjingo, who was showered with buckets of water and smeared with cake to celebrate 42 years.

Other September babies who are yet to celebrate their birthdays include; Sophie Gombya, Jackie Chandiru, MTC Numbers and King Michael.

One of the danger zones is about how your man communicates with you: Let me be clear.

When a man relies primarily on text messaging, instant messenger, and email for communicating with you, it’s not because he’s a new age man, it’s not because the written word is his tool, and it’s not because he is trying to manage his time effectively. He is using ‘new’ forms of communication to control you and how often you both correspond so that he can control the relationship.

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You are either saying bullsh*t to avoid the reality of him or repeating things that he has given you as an excuse for his rubbish relationship behaviour.

When Bebe Cool celebrated his 40th birthday, this gave courage to others like Beat FM's Rebecca Jjingo to reveal their real age, she turned 42. Bebe Cool is seen feeding his fans with cake at a birthday party that was held at Cayenne yesterday.

Inset is the birthday girl, Barbie all looking composed while Flavia was left in tears following a birthday party by close friends.

It’s one thing if he uses these forms of communication as secondary ways of communicating with you in conjunction with picking up the phone and seeing you face to face, but I certainly would not accept these means as your primary method of communication.

Men who don’t make an effort and who aren’t interested in forging a proper relationship with you will opt for these lazy forms of communication.

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