Dating m1 helmet liner

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Luftwaffe Splinter Pattern Field Division Camouflage Jacket.

(Tarnjacke) Due to the massive losses on during the brutal winter of 1941 on the Eastern Front, Luftwaffe field divisions were quickly raised and mobilized in 1942 despite their lack of training and experience in field combat.

The items presented here are authentic World War II relics from the Nazi Party, offered to other enthusiasts, collectors, historians, and educators.

Luftwaffe 2nd Model Flyer Service Tunic (Flieger Dienstbluse) from the Flight School (Fliegerschule) Magdeburg.

With these 22 new field divisions came the need for inexpensive and easily manufactured camouflage clothing.

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Schl." (Flieger Schule) clearly stamped below in large text.

The Schirmmtze (visor cap) that was purchased with this tunic is stamped "Fliegerschule Magdeburg".

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