Dating russian women sacramento ca

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which bars in Sacramento will broadcast your favorite team’s upcoming match or where in town to go for borscht?

You are cordially invited to be part of Inter Nations Sacramento.

Are you interested in getting to know fellow Russian expats in Sacramento?

Are you looking for advice from other Russians, e.g.

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Get one piece of chocolate cake with two spoons, sit at a table for two and make a wish for love on the tinfoil stars tacked to the ceiling.If the love vibes (or the chocolate endorphins) work their magic, buy some True Love underwear or condoms and continue the making up at home. Arco Arena during a Monarchs game If 15,000 people turn out for a Monarchs game, and maybe 75 percent of them are women, and probably half of those women are gay (it’s just a guess), well, a girl’s got a good chance of hooking up with someone, or at least she has a sporting chance.Really cute young ones in tight T-shirts; older ones with short hair and sensible shoes; leather dykes in Monarchs gear; nerdy girls in Monarchs gear; and sporty, powerful jockish women in Monarchs gear—the whole diverse and beautiful Sacramento lesbian population cruises the arena in what’s known as the “halftime waltz,” smiling covertly at those who match their ideal of pure female sexiness. Proceeds support local nonprofits, AIDS education programs and community projects of interest to gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders. North entrance to California State University, Sacramento, 6000 J Street. The suggested donation is for all you can eat; bloody marys cost extra. It’s the perfect place for a quiet conversation or to find the stillness at the core of love.

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