Ga dating and visitation

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After lunch, for instance, he has an initial consultation with a surrogacy specialist, and the thought of fathering a child for the first time daunts him. After lunch he has to pick up milk and chicken breasts from the supermarket, drive home, put the groceries away, let the dog out, then drive back across Richmond to pick up his two adopted sons — Eli, eight, and AJ, three — from summer camp and preschool, respectively.He’d like to sneak in a workout, but doubts he’ll have the time.

Eli was adopted through foster care, and his background is more obscure.Lippa doesn’t know much about Eli’s birth mother, nor is he eager to seek her out.Except in cases of extreme neglect, a biological parent’s rights almost always supersede those of adoptive parents.Once back home, he has to prepare dinner for the family (hence the chicken breasts), eat, bathe the kids, get them in their pajamas, read to them and put them to bed no later than nine p.m.If all goes according to plan, he’ll have about an hour to clean the house and watch “Survivor.” Then he’ll sleep for seven hours, wake up at a.m., rouse the kids, get them dressed, make them breakfast and drop them back at preschool and summer camp, all before seven a.m., at which point he’ll go back to work making Tyvek at the nearby Dupont plant and the process will more or less replicate itself.

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