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Exclusion criteria included active ocular disease other than advanced glaucoma that would interfere with study outcomes, neovascular, uveitic, and aphakic glaucoma.

Split macular fixation was defined for the study as one of the four points abutting fixation on the macular field having a sensitivity of less than 10 d B with an adjacent point on the same side of fixation being less than 10 d B [8].

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The BCVA at day 90 showed no change in 21 eyes, visual decline in three eyes and visual gain in 12 eyes.Postoperative cycloplegia was prescribed only when needed.The patients were evaluated postoperatively on the first day, first week, second week, and third month.The color of the neuroretinal rim (NRR) was assessed by the four authors and was classified as normal or pale after agreement of at least three of the authors ([Figure 1]) and the continuity of the NRR was evaluated according to the Disc Damage Likelihood Scale [6].Figure 1 Colored fundus photos demonstrating the neuroretinal rim color evaluation.

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