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Only 37 per cent said there was nothing else they would rather do than make love to their husbands and 55 per cent admitted they sometimes have sex out of 'marital obligation'.Another study shows that one in five British women regularly makes excuses to avoid having sex, with 'I'm too tired', 'I'm not in the mood' and the old favourite 'I've got a headache' being the most popular reasons.We've remained very tactile with one another, but I'm always cautious about being too touchy-feely, as I don't want it to lead to other things.'It sounds awful, but when I was diagnosed with a mild arthritis in my back seven years ago, my first thought was: "That's going to be a good excuse not to have sex." 'Other excuses I've used include pleading period pains, stomach cramps, a headache - or that I simply feel unwell.

They questioned 2,000 married women about their sex lives.Three-quarters of the women admit that 'I couldn't be bothered' sum up the situation.Lissa continues: 'Andrew and I last had sex about five months ago.Is it any wonder that women often prefer sleeping, reading and watching TV to the far more physically challenging act of having sex?Traditionally, the truth about married sex has always been incredibly hard to uncover.

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