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In exploring scientific masculinities, we ask: how has masculinity been defined and what are the mechanisms by which it operates in science?

The essays are divided into sections that emphasize the importance of gender to the practices of professionalization, the spaces in which scientific, technological, and medical labor is performed, and the ways that sex, gender, and sexual orientation are measured and serve as metaphors in society and culture." [link] You can read individual papers through JSTOR or Journals.

The male-induced demise could occur without mating and required only exposure of hermaphrodites to medium in which males were once present.

Such communication through pheromones or other diffusible substances points to a non-individual autonomous mode of aging regulation.

Thus, while male secretions promote reproduction under normal circumstances, they might also accelerate demise, especially when these secretions are concentrated.

In addition to male pheromones, the male-conditioned plates are also likely to contain sperm and seminal fluid from male-to-male copulation attempts (23).

Hermaphrodites deficient for processing a range of sensory signals, including those from pheromones (20, 21) ().



, the presence of males accelerated aging and shortened the lifespan of individuals of the opposite sex (hermaphrodites), including long-lived or sterile hermaphrodites.

females, which naturally exist in a 1:1 ratio with males, also displayed MID in our experimental setting.

Males shorten the lifespan of the opposite sex in part by releasing one or more diffusible substances, possibly a pheromone.

"This volume of Osiris integrates gender analysis with the global history of science and medicine from the late Middle Ages to the present by focusing on masculinity, the part of the gender equation that has received the least attention from scholars.

The premise is that social constructions of masculinity function simultaneously as foils for femininity and as methods of differentiating between “kinds” of men.

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