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I would pay for the services upfront, but CISI sent my family a full refund for *everything*. The host family I was placed with was also mostly good.

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They all really wanted the students to feel comfortable and cared for.

Our house was always very clean and I was lucky enough to have a few minutes of hot water every day for a shower. The academics were slightly challenging because this program was entirely in Spanish, although I did pick one class through the university which I came to regret—Laboratorio de Arqueología 4-arqueozoología (Archaeology Lab 4-Zooarchaeology) taught by R. There were only 6 students in the class, yet class times and locations were constantly changed and everyone in the group knew about it except for me for 8 weeks.

No emails/texts/etc were sent to everyone, but somehow everyone knew where to be except me.

Lima is a modern cosmopolitan city that international students love to explore due to its large number of enticing attractions and authentic Latin American culture.

Students stay with local Peruvian families as a guest in their home for the duration of the program.

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