Won bin dating

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This is annoying=( He should focus on his career more than wasting precious time of his life. Beautiful acting and i bet a lot approached him afterward.But based on my observations, he rejected every project and suddenly i got a news abt him dating. But, for those who've been waiting for new movies from him, we are very dissappointed with the news we're getting from him. If he really dates & give us something like a movie, i won't be so negative abt the news at all.Viewers can see this as a sign of her making an official comeback.

No word yet from their agency but if its true than I’m happy for them.

And since confirming their relationship back in 2013, the two were criticized for only appearing in CFs, pictorials, and a few offline events.

I might get hate for stating my opinion but i always think Won Bin as a person who is better on his own. He is like the leading actor in Korea & i prefer reading an article abt his new movie project rather than an article abt him reassuring fans that he is still in the relationship with a lady i'm not even familiar of.

They have managed to keep a low profile, but continue to enjoy each other’s company as they go on dates and events together.

As two of South Korea’s biggest actors and actresses, Won Bin and Lee Na Young, were revealed to have been dating since 2012, many fans wondered if their relationship would end up as a marriage.

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